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Flowers in St. Petersburg ⠀ Our city has definitely female character: beautiful, capricious, ask for investments nonstop, loves flowers🌷🌺🌼 ⠀ Starting from the time when governor here was woman (who wanted to fight with icicles with laser⚔️), we have flowers in the city constantly in summer ⠀ My favorite places for flower compositions are Four Seasons hotel and Grand Europe hotel, they are always mind blowing. ⠀ ⭐️My life hack is - you always can go inside of the coolest hotels to have a look and to visit WC🙈

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Tomorrow we are going to have the most important celebration of Russia, The Victory day💥 9 May. ⠀ I always recommend to my guest to participate it, even it’s extremely crowded ( free intensive full body massage guaranteed) and high risk of pickpockets 😈 ⠀ Here is my list of most curious parts of that celebration🥰 ⠀ ⭐️At 9.00 the Rostral columns will be lit, it’s touching moment - they are kind of symbol of our city breathing♥️ ⠀ ⭐️Victory Parade The main event on Victory Day in St. Petersburg is a military parade (army, all kind of heavy weapon+ military jets) It starts at 10.00 at Palace Square, but I’m going to meet troops in the Palace embankment like in pictures ⠀ ⭐️“Immortal Regiment" Great tradition to preserve the memory of the generation of the Great Patriotic War. Participants will pass through the city, carrying in their hands portraits of relatives who saw the war and didn’t live till now. ⠀ Start at Nevsky prospect/Suvorovsky prospect at 15.00, will go all along Nevsky to the Palace square. ⠀ Best spot to see it is Singer Cafe, but no free body massage than🤪 ⠀ ⭐️Firework ⠀ It starts at 10.00 evening and usually it’s the most spectacular fireworks of the year. ⠀ Are you going tomorrow? I am♥️

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Look what I have here!! ⠀ Curious things about Hermitage museum🦚

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I show you couple of floors of Hermitage... 3 out of more than 700🤔 ⠀ What is your floor of choice?

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“Let me speak from my heart”. ⠀ In summer I would go here instead of Catherine’s Palace.

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Shopping👜 ⠀ I am going to give you today some names of Russian brands for your shopping💳 ⠀ 🎈Lets start with mass market, shops are located in any moll🛍: ⠀ Zarina (women, girls) BeFree (women, men) Love republic (women) Ostin (family) Sela (family) Acoola (kids) ⠀ 🎈Some big names: ⠀ Lena Furs (furs) Raketa (watches) Bosco (Sportwear) Grishko (dance wear) ⠀ 🎈Where to find Russian designers in St.Petersburg: Au Pont Rouge, Maker design loft, GATE31, Tykva Store

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