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Peking Duck is my favourite as always 🥙🥰 ———————————————————————— (Dinner 🥢) Overall: 😋: 4.5/5 💰: 4.5/5 #shenzhen深圳 #xiheyayuanpekingduckrestaurant #北京羲和雅苑烤鴨坊

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Portraits in the style Wow, are perfect not only for the gift, but also home decor. You can choose the suitable colors and pain any way you like. As a result you get a masterpiece always!!! #hongkong🇭🇰

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Die Millionenstadt Shenzhen steht heute mehr als jede andere Stadt für das neue China. Die Metropole eilt mit Riesenschritten voran – auch in die Zukunft. Vom Parken über Restaurantbesuche bis zum einfachsten Streetfood – alles kann per Smartphone bezahlt werden. Wann die Leute dort das letzte Mal eine Brieftasche dabei hatten? Das konnte uns niemand so genau sagen… #storyboardgmbh #contentagency #munich #magazine #publishing #media #landrover #shenzhen #shenzhencity #shenzhenlife #landroverde #onelife #carmagazine #automotive

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[Poussin Baked in Sourdough of the Sea | Conch Whelk | Broccoli | Jus] _ The definite highlight of the meal was the young chicken baked inside a seaweed sourdough bread; leg meat and sea conch were used for a mousseline sauce which was stuffed under the skin of the chicken. The finished product was served with a delicious jus made from whelk juices, roasted chicken frames and Chinese yellow wine. The crunchy and super flavorful sourdough was then cut up and arrived as a side to perfectly complement the dish. _ New post up on the blog (link in bio!)👆🏻 • Ensue Shenzhen, China #supermelSZ

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hryeah__deng. beautiful sky in sz #sky #shenzhenchina #shenzhencity

beautiful sky in sz #sky #shenzhenchina #shenzhencity

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Lunch @ Shenzhen 🍢🥘 Too spicy for me🥵點咗小辣都辣到喊🥴😢 ———————————————————————— (Lunch 🌶) Overall: 😋: 3/5 💰: 4/5 #shenzhen深圳 #msfuinchengdu #付小姐在成都

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Небоскреб среди небоскрёбов 👌🏻 Love it here ❤️ ———————————————————— #model #modellife #shenzhencity #modeltrip #china🇨🇳

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caihongholly. #shenzhencity


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В Иркутск кажется приходит осень.И в такую погоду остается только ностальгировать по теплому Шеньчженю,не было бы там влажности было бы идеально... #국제커플

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唔知道点解见到哩种楼就会觉得好有亲切感 #clarendon #Instagramfilter #huaweimate20pro #vscofilter #vsco

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The next dish was all about showcasing the pure flavors of the ingredients - Osetra Caviar from Kaluga Queen served with chilled custard made from fermented potatoes and crème fraiche, and topped with thickened pea juice, fresh pea tendrils and a green oil made from parsley and green garlic tops. SWIPE 👉🏻 Raw North China Geoduck | Grilled Celery | Sichuan Pepper-tree _ Grilled Abalone | Liver Sauce | Poached Charred Eggplant | Amaranths _ Water Turtle Soup | Australian Winter Truffle | Baby Pearl Onions | Allium Flowers _ Local Turbot Steamed with Overlord Flowers | Market Green Vegetables _ Dry Aged Australian Wagyu | Yunnan Mushrooms| Bone Marrow Jus • Ensue Shenzhen, China #supermelSZ

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