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By now it's likely someone has asked you what you'd like for Christmas, or at the very least, you've thought about what you want. What if you gave yourself the gift of health this year? One month of shakeology and one year of Beachbody On Demand is less than half the price of a fancy new purse. That will be a gift that will give you something impressive to carry around all year - yourself.

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kwolffwellness. Next 3 days are clean out time!
Jon and I are doing a 3 day cleanse of

Next 3 days are clean out time! Jon and I are doing a 3 day cleanse offered by BB that I’ve done one other time right before a trip. I got great results and felt really good so it was an easy choice as a reset between holidays! Basically it removes dairy and meat for 3 days while still providing the fiber, fruits, veggies, healthy fats, and protein that you need. It’s super simple plan has you just pick out foods from a list and you fill in the blank. Portion sizes and timing is all laid out for you! It’s simple, but not “easy” as our bodies are used to a little extra caffeine and sugar right now 😬 The more difficult, the more we probably need it, right? I’ll update you the next 3 days on how it’s going!

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viscofit. It’s not always easy being in a long-distance relationship, but it’s a

It’s not always easy being in a long-distance relationship, but it’s always worth it! ❤️ Off to the airport to visit Nashville, one of my happy places! See you Monday morning at 7:00am EST/6:00am Central. I will be doing my GUNS FOR GIRLS WORKOUT but I have a little surprise for you too! Only 30-minutes and it will fly by, I promise! #viscofit #gunsforgirlsarms #womenandweights #showup #workoutfeelbetter #athomeworkouts #shortworkouts #stoptheslide

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Today in Potters Bar I’m hosting a screening of Game Changers followed by a Q and A. . Opinion is divided about game changers but oddly there are a lot of people/influencers critiquing the film without actually ever having watched it? . Send me a DM to grab your free ticket! 🥦

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resultsfitaz. Getting back in the game. Personal Training and Online Coaching begins

Getting back in the game. Personal Training and Online Coaching begins soon. Exercise doesn’t need to take up hours per week. When done correctly, and based on science, you can get all you need in two, 20 minute sessions per week. #resultsfitness #HIT #highintensitytraining #tucson #sierravista #highintensitystrengthtraining #strengthtraining #shortworkouts #HITTraining #20minuteworkout #fitover40 #carnivore #meatheals #100nonvegan #resistancetraining #fitover40

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Warrior lunge mini-clip I forgot to post from our adventures in France 🇫🇷 this summer... drill is great for balance, stability and booty! #saturday #shortworkouts #bööty

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activeforlifeonline. [New Video] Full body workout for beginners! 💪
#beginnersworkout #ful

[New Video] Full body workout for beginners! 💪 #beginnersworkout #fullbodyworkout Come visit me on YouTube for free online workouts that are gentle and low impact to help ease you into a more active life! #newvideo #shortworkouts #letsdosquats #getactive #wakeupyourlife #movementistherapy

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Simple Pull, Squat, Press KB Workout Today 👍🏽 . Clean is the Pull Squat well is the Squat Push-Up is the Press . Do 1 Clean & 1 Squat 5 times on 1-Arm Then Do 5 Strict Push-Ups Then 1 Clea. & 1 Squat on the other Arm Then 5 More Push-Ups Finish with a Plank Hold for as long as you can Rest & Repeat for 20 minutes or as long as you can - RESTING BETWEEN SETS AS NEEDED 👍🏽👊🏽💪🏽 . Give this one a Go for your next short training session workout and let me know how it was 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 . OR . You can do it with a training partner and alternate sides - resting as the your part we goes . Have fun with this one 🔥💪🏽 it’ll build on you 😉 . . . . . . #shortworkouts #kettlebellworkouts #kettlebellexercises #kettlebelltraining #kingofkettlebells #kettlebellstrengthclub #getstronger #howtolosefat #mensfatloss #losefat #burnfat #firebellz #nutritioncoach #plantbasednutrition #functionaltraining #wholefoodplantbased #wholefoodnutrition #losefatgainmuscle #losefatfast #burnfat #plantbasedstrong #trainsmart #besttraining #kettlebells #hardstylekettlebell #sfg2 #strongfirst #fullbodytraining #focusonyourgoals #strongfirst #trainathome #pushups

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''If You're Vegan For Ethical Reasons I get it, But...'' . Most people I speak to about veganism generally start with this statement. . People then tend to talk about why they don't agree with veganism, why game changers is aload of **** and why this lifestyle isn't for them. . I get it, for a long time I said the same thing myself. . But if we think about what we are actually saying when we say thissentence.'' If you're vegan for Ethical reasons I get it'' If you get it then surely there is no need for a but... . My whole life is centred around fitness but I didn't originally go vegan for the health benefits... Its a great bonus but... We now know we do not need to consume animals and their products to be healthy, thrive and reach our fitness goals... . Whats stopping you trying Veganism? . Let me know in the comments section below 👇

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I’m not always motivated, but I am #dedicated. Sweat sesh before the silverstick tournament today. Send us all your positivity! Let’s go eagles!!!! . . . . . . #momofthree #tatooedmom #hockeymom #coffeelover #shortworkouts #brunette #femalefirefighter #femalefirstresponder #fuelyourbod #rachelbryans #rocknation77 #morningworkouts #goaliemom #eastlambtoneagles

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Last months of the year are always super busy with all the last bits of school work, classes, work, gatherings, socialising lol 🤪. . . . If you’re finding it difficult to stay on track with all the craziness, this workout is FOR YOU!!. Only 15-20 mins of BODYWEIGHT work, you can fit it in the morning, evening or anytime of the day. Its quick and works both upper and lower body with cardio burst 🔥😻. 3️⃣-4️⃣ Rounds. 30 secs on, 15 secs off . . 1️⃣Squat pulse to side kick 🌟. . . 2️⃣Crusty lunges 🔥( Make sure to do both sides). . . 3️⃣Burpees with pushups 💪🏻. . . 4️⃣Shoulder taps plank position 💛. . . . . . . Wearing @honeyfittingofficial 💕. . . . #legs #workout #workoutroutine #shortworkouts #15minsworkout #15minshiit #hiitworkout #hiit #hiitcardio #cardio #cardioworkout #bodyweightworkout #bodyweightexercises #decemberchallenge #decemberdaily #fitnessmotivation #fitness #fitnessfun #fitnesslifestyle #healthylifestyle #grateful #keepgoing #pushyourself #share #tagsomeone #community #comment #save #likelike #vancouver

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krista_lillich. Working out with this little guy makes it less of a chore and more lik

Working out with this little guy makes it less of a chore and more like play time! . I was under a bit of a time crunch this morning BUT the program I’m following is made up of 30 min or less workouts so I was able to squeeze it in with Sherman’s help. . He got in the way a lot which resulted in uneven reps but rather than get frustrated I just embraced it and laughed! . It’s pretty amazing what a little laugh can do for us. . As adults, I think we forget to enjoy what it is we work so hard for. Remember to have a little fun out there! . #wellnessthatworks #athomeworkouts #fitnessmotivation #cardio #strengthtraining #shortworkouts #frenchiesofinstagram #bulldogs #furmon #laughteristhebestmedicine #nogymnoproblem

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viscofit. At a country concert — in New York City!! 😍 My girls and I are going

At a country concert — in New York City!! 😍 My girls and I are going to get to see some of our favorite artists and we’re so excited! I will be on Live at 7am EST with my TOTAL BODY THRILL: SLOW BURN!! It’s a phenomenal workout that hits it all! #viscofit #totalbodyworkout #athomeworkouts #shortworkouts

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Very quick home workout with a stability focus this morning! 👇🏼 - Frankly, I’m exhausted from our Thanksgiving trip. It was a LOT of driving through different states in a very short period of time, and I’m trying to sleep all I can. Ha! Yesterday was mostly TRX (back and core) but I didn’t have space on my phone to video- had to clear it out! - Anyway, this morning I picked my modalities (sliders and a med ball), and just got started. Repeated the circuit 3 times and called it a day. Sometimes it’s really just that simple! So if you want to save this one for later, be my guest! 😉 - 3 ROUNDS: - 1️⃣SLIDER BACK LUNGES W/ MED BALL WOOD CHOP 20 (10 ea side) 2️⃣MED BALL MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS W/ SLIDERS 20 (10 ea side) 3️⃣GLUTE BRIDGE MARCHES W/ MED BALL HOLD 10 (5 ea side) 4️⃣ALTERNATING MED BALL PUSH-UPS 10 (5 ea side) - No equipment? 🤷🏼‍♀️ No problem. 👌🏼 Modify to: - 1️⃣Bodyweight only back lunges, add something around the house in your hands for the wood chop… 2️⃣Bodyweight only mountain climbers, or elevate your hands or feet on a chair… 3️⃣Bodyweight only glute bridge marches with arms on ground at sides… 4️⃣Bodyweight only push-ups, or modified to knees on ground (i.e. lacking core strength) or hands elevated (i.e. lacking upper body strength)… . . . #homeworkout #homeworkouts #homeworkouts_4u #homeworkoutvideos #homeworkoutideas #workout #workoutathome #workoutvideos #workoutfit #workoutidea #workoutideas #exerciseideas #circuitworkout #bodyweightworkout #bodyweightexercises #bodyweightworkouts #bodyweightexercise #quickworkout #quickworkouts #shortworkout #shortworkouts #stability #stabilitytraining #stabilityworkout #medball #medballs #medballworkout #facetedfitness #louisianafitness #louisianafitnesstrainer

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. . What I needed for my workout this am: . . ✨A chair. ✨ Water bottles (or weights). ✨Bare feet. ✨A device to stream it ✨ 20 minutes. . . . What I didn’t need. . . 🚫 To drive to the gym. 🚫 A lot of equipment. 🚫 To be a dancer.. 🚫 A lot of time. . . This morning I tried one of the new Barre workouts. I knew it would be challenging and different but I didn’t expect to have to drop my “weights” aka my 1 lb water bottles. Swipe to see me as I tried to hold out as long as possible. There are three different options during the workout which I love. Perfect for all fitness levels. I’ll be trying another one of the new workouts tomorrow with my school friends. Loving the early access. . . On Saturday morning I’ll be hosting a virtual workout party with some friends. We will share one of these workouts with you and we can all laugh and sweat together. If you want me to add you to the list let me know! We already have a bunch of ladies signed up for this weekend!

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I’ve been taking it easy and just resting/stretching while sick the last few days, but today I thought it would feel good to sweat a little.😅 I did one of my favorite, 25-minute cardio workouts, and I had to modify A LOT! It was a little frustrating and humbling, but I know it was the right thing to do. . It’s tough when you KNOW your body is capable of doing more or you used to be able to do things you can’t do now. I get it. I also know that getting back to 💯 won’t happen overnight. It takes time, consistency, and pushing through challenges... But the #1 thing it takes is STARTING! You won’t make progress if you don’t start.🚦 So I got back on the wagon today...ever so slowly...and that’s ok. Are you ready to get started (again)? I’d love to have some new friends on this journey with me!👭 Click the link in my bio or DM me for details! . . . . #juststart #startsomewhere #progressnotperfection #modify #youarecapable #capableofmore #youareworthit #consistency #ittakestime #lululemon #onlineworkouts #busymom #empoweredwomen #womenhelpingwomen #boymom #girlmom #dogmom #timesaver #healthylifestyle #backonthewagon #shortworkouts #workoutglow #endorphins #loveyourbody #sickday #recovering #easyworkout #getstarted #finishtheyearstrong

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𝗗𝗔𝗬 𝟭 𝘃𝘀 𝗗𝗔𝗬 𝟳𝟬𝟬 . 2𝙣𝙙 𝙅𝙖𝙣 2018 𝙫𝙨 3𝙧𝙙 Nov 2019 . I wish I knew then, what I know now. . • That it takes time, and it’s not a quick fix. •That I don’t have to be perfect, but consistent. •That I’ll mess up sometimes, and I have to start again. •That I don’t have to figure it all out on my own, but I will ask for support & seek accountability to keep going on this journey. . What let me to the 2018 “BEFORE” was life stuff happening. Work - travel - stress - anxiety - bouts of depression - a burnout - busyness - laziness. Typical “I’ll start tomorrow!” “I’ll start in January”. At the beginning of 2018 I was physically uncomfortable. I decided enough was enough & took my own advice. I sought out for help, picked a workout program, followed simple nutrition principles - I invested time, money & grit in myself! . Most importantly, I proved to myself that I can endure and overcome hard things, which has become an invaluable life lesson I didn’t see coming. . Of course,losing the weight was amazing, but GAINING the confidence in my ability to commit and persevere through all the shi$ times made it 100% worth it. . If you are thinking that it is time to say “ YES” to change, my advice is “DO NOT WAIT TILL JANUARY 2020” - don’t make my same mistake! NOW is all we have. NOTHING is going to change in 3 weeks (you’ll still have the same commitments, the same busyness, the same 24 hours!!). . Send me a message or fill the link in my bio to join my accountability group. TOGETHER WE WILL DO THIS!! . Gift yourself the gift of health! - ask your loved one for a health gift card #goodidea no?

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Did you go to dance school growing up? ⁣ ⁣ I myself NEVER did. ⁣ The only activity I ever did was gymnastics 🤸🏻‍♂️ for a very short season because I begged and also ⁣ I was obsessed with being in the Olympics #alwaysadreamer⁣ ⁣ Have you ever heard of BARRE ⁣ OR attended a BARRE class? ⁣ ⁣ It’s a class that uses a ballet/dance bar as part of the workout ( although a chair works perfectly too) to create a lean, sculpted, and toned physique. And who doesn’t want that! RIGHT!?⁣ ⁣ I’ve got a sample workout that I’d love to ⁣ SHARE with you if you want to check it out and get your opinion about. ⁣ Drop an emoji in the comments or send me a quick DM and I’ll sent it right over to your inbox. ❤️ 📨⁣ ⁣ ⁣

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viscofit. Words to live by!  See you Wednesday morning at 7am EST on FB or YouTu

Words to live by! See you Wednesday morning at 7am EST on FB or YouTube with my UP/DOWN WORKOUT. Only 30-minutes. #bossbabe #workoutathome #showup #todayisanewday #workoutforyou #bodyafterbaby #shortworkouts

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If you’re struggling to sleep try these vegan foods. With the side effects being more fiber and vitamins and minerals it’s worth a go right? 🥦 Big thanks to @vikkigreengang for the idea. 🥦

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noexcusefitmom. When live throws you curveballs you have to roll with the punches. I g

When live throws you curveballs you have to roll with the punches. I got hit with bullshit left and right over the last few weeks and I could just throw in the towel and start fresh next year. While that would be comfortable and easy, it would also set me back and I am so not with that. Instead, I switched gears, am allowing my body to heal, switched to our new program (let me know if you want to try it out for free!), am doing all I can while I can, and will focus on nutrition when my body needs a timeout. . It’s #Barre time baby! . #barreWorkout #barreworkouts #shortworkouts #homeworkoutideas #headstart #2020HereICome

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hermindshewrote. Getting that workout in prior to starting my workday. Getting some str

Getting that workout in prior to starting my workday. Getting some strength back with my short daily combinations. Working out can be overwhelming but we can really just start with 5-10 minutes a day. The essential is to get our body used to wanting to move around. . . I am proud of my 10-15 minutes workouts and until I recover from current health challenges, I will continue to do my push ups by set of 5s throughout the day to total 50-100 per day. . . Stop thinking you have to run a marathon right at the minute. This thought leads to years of "never starting" and takes away years of cherishing the muscles that never give out on you. . Will you start with just 5 push ups a day ? . . . #shortworkouts #betterthannothing #morningmindset #morningworkout #lift #liftingforstrength #strong #justdoit #smallvictories #smallstepseveryday #ididit #staymotivated #pushupseveryday #hmsw #hermindshewrote

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napedzamydozmiany. Cześć!

W dzisiejszym vlogu opowiem Ci w samych KONKRETACH: czy warto

Cześć! W dzisiejszym vlogu opowiem Ci w samych KONKRETACH: czy warto ćwiczyć krótko i intensywnie? Posłuchaj, wyciągnij coś dla siebie i złap motywację do ćwiczeń 🔥❤️ Standardowo zostaw coś w ramach komunikacji między nami: ❤️ lub udostępnij dzieląc się tą wiedzą z innymi! Materiał znajdziesz tu: @napedzamydozmiany ——————————————— #fit #fitness #vlog #youtube #workout #training #hiitworkout #hiit #shortworkouts #tabata #health #healthylifestyle #fitgirl #gym #gliwice #trenerpersonalnygliwice #magdalenadurasiewicz #napedzamydozmiany

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hollyelliottfitology. My NEW group is open for enrollment! We are going to work on our healt

My NEW group is open for enrollment! We are going to work on our health, nutrition, and fitness so we can be healthier and more fit by March 19, 2020!! Spring comes a little earlier with the new decade, so if you want to join us, it’s an inexpensive way to make yourself a priority and get some results without recurring gym fees. I also have 3 promo codes to save even more money! Now is the time to build healthier habits and feel more confident and comfortable in your own skin. Health is so vital to almost all other facets of life, so join us and we’ll pick a program perfect for you!!

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