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ᴾᴸᴬᵞᴵᴺᴳ ᴬᵀ ᵀᴴᴱ ᶠᴼᴿᴮᴵᴰᴰᴱᴺ ˢᴼᴺᵞ ᴬ7ᴿᴵᴵᴵ ˢᴼᴺᵞ 1635ᴳᴹ

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A throwback to when it was warm enough to just wear a t-shirt outside. Good times.

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dkopsh. Выкладывать фотографии из Москвы, находясь в полутора тысячах километр

Выкладывать фотографии из Москвы, находясь в полутора тысячах километрах от неё — бесценно. Скоро будет много фотографий! . . . . . #deepincity #streethype #citykillerz  #theimaged #artofvisuals #ig_color #agameoftones #streets_vision #Subway #метро #МосМетро #tonesbox #Mosmetro #tube #wizardsoftones #heatercentral #visualambassadors #gramslayers #Underground #justgoshot  #illgrammers  #createcommune #visualofstreet #inmetropoliten #Подземка #ig_underdogz #canonrussia #canon #russia_industrial #moscow

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@thisnewlightmusic opening for @jacobleemusic This Friday | 8pm | @thezoo.bne Ticket Link: @thisnewlightmusic ‘s bio

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@thisnewlightmusic opening for @jacobleemusic This Friday | 8pm | @thezoo.bne Ticket Link: @thisnewlightmusic ‘s bio

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@thisnewlightmusic opening for @jacobleemusic This Friday | 8pm | @thezoo.bne Ticket Link: @thisnewlightmusic ‘s bio

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I had a dream. I had everything I wanted in life. You know, the things you can’t put a price on. The things that make you smile without you knowing... Love, happiness, you...

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kodakmoments_de. #glücksmoment | Wenn du endlich Zeit für deine Kleinen hast und ihnen

#glücksmoment | Wenn du endlich Zeit für deine Kleinen hast und ihnen in einem Fotobuch eure schönsten Momente zeigen kannst. Halte die besten Momente für immer fest und drucke sie in ein Fotobuch. Direkt erstellen kannst zu dein persönliches KODAK FotobuchSofort bequem von zuhause aus mit der KODAK MOMENTS App oder an allen gelben KODAK SofortBild Stationen im dm-Markt oder im Fotofachhandel. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #traum #kindheit #memories #bestdad #dad #familytime #kinderzeit #photooftheday #kodakmomentsde #earthoutdoors #ourmoodydays #eclectic_shotz #exploretocreate #roamtheplanet #shotzdelight #wondermore #earthscope #naturepower #moodygrams #depthsofearth #visualambassadors #milliondollarvisuals #theimaged #indtravel #artofvisuals #wonder_places #theweekoninstagram

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. "I can’t tell you which of the guys it was but there’s a scene in the movie where two of the old musicians stood in NYC looking at a shop window with dolls of Elvis and Marilyn Monroe inside . These guys had never left Cuba before and as they glanced around looking up at the towering glass skyscrapers of Manhattan, one of them turned to the other and simply said: “It’s beautiful” . He had a small tear in the corner of his eye. I’m sharing this because it’s exactly how I felt as I stood in Times Square at night for the first time. I jumped up on a concrete plinth for a better view for a minute . Crowds were everywhere, the cabs were chugging along like a procession of mechanical bananas and steam was coming from the ground like dry ice on a movie set. The billboards and neon signs flickered like a disco ball...it was everything I’d ever dreamed it to be. “It’s beautiful” I whispered to myself. Smiling as I echoed the words of the Cubans." - FSoaC 📖🗽✨ . . On July 3, 2017, I began what became a year long adventure around the world in New York City. Living on just $25 a day for food, travel and accommodation, it was a journey that took me around the world from Hollywood to Bollywood . I didn't want to just 'see' things but I wanted to feel things. To feel the heart and pulse of a city, a country and its people. I chose not to race through countries with some check sheet of what to see and do. I chose to research little, plan nothing and arrive. Take everything as I find it . To reflect on what that meant and to record those feelings and conversations into words. Those words have taken two years of writing, rewriting and editing to get into a shape I'm finally okay with. It's a book now... And it's being printed as we speak😅 . It's called "Four Sides of a Coin" and will be available to buy in the coming weeks. I didn't write it to make money, I wrote it firstly to achieve it and equally to share it with as many as possible. The price will be kept to self publishing production and postage costs only so more can share the adventure☠️📖🌍 . . New York City . 📸@haileythorp . #travelblogger #theworldshotz

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Amazing Zurich!

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