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YOU DO YOU ✌🏼| ...And that’s enough 🙏🏼 A little bit of motivation after a long ass week #theweekends 📷: @melissabirnbaum

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Last night’s AstroSalon with @stephanie_gailing was so educational, fun, and inspiring. Attendees learned how to read their astrology chart, the placement of Venus in their chart and what it means, as well as upcoming key astrological dates. There were snacks, wine, and such positive vibes. We love hosting events here at Spruce! Spruce is a safe space for everyone, and we hope you feel loved on, accepted, and comfortable here. 💚 Bummed you missed this one? Don’t worry! We can’t wait to have Stephanie back in here! To learn about future events, be sure to keep following along on our Instagram and subscribe to our newsletter! Have an idea for a future event? Send us a DM! 💫

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improfashion. 🖤🖤 Posted @withrepost • @khemric There is nothing I love more than j

🖤🖤 Posted @withrepost@khemric There is nothing I love more than jewelry that is symbolic or carries meaning. 💕 That is why I knew I needed this @monicarichkosann necklace that is all about female empowerment. For my story, I had the power when I realized I alone could make my dreams a reality! Moving to Dubai at the age of 22 (without knowing a sole) molded me into the women I am today. I learned that I could truly be independent. #myMRK #femaleempowerment #dorothymedallion * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * #sidewalkerdaily #thetravelwomen #sheisnotlost #iamtb #PragueTrip #visitprague #igersprague #instaprague #beautyofprague #pragueworld #czech_world #topeuropephotos #prettylittletrips #beautifuldestinations #beautifulmatters #beautifulhotels #topeuropephoto #travellingthroughtheworld #incredible_europe #journeysofgirls #tlpicks #cntraveler #dametraveler #darlingescapes #passionpassport #theprettycities

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Big, beautiful, vibrant sunset from Wednesday evening. I awkwardly tried to take a picture without staring into the sun and blinding myself.

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Students enrolled in Art History Prof. Diana Gisolfi’s Materials and Techniques of Venetian Art visit the Ca’ d’Oro for their unit on frescoes. The class focused on fragments of a massive fresco by Giorgione and Titian, which originally covered the entire facade of the Fondaco dei Tedeschi and were visible to all who travelled along the Grand Canal. Although hugely impactful at the time of its completion, within decades, the frescoes on the Fondaco had greatly degraded as a result of La Serenissima’s humid canals and salty, sirocco winds. Students also enjoy visiting other works in the Ca’ d’Oro's collection, including sculptures by Lombardo, Mantegna’s San Sebastiano, and the building’s fabulous courtyard mosaics. #venice #venezia #venicebiennale2019 #studyabroad #galleriagiorgiofranchetti @prattinstitute @prattfineart @pratt_study_abroad @prattstudyabroad #prattinvenice #art #mosaic #painting #fresco #traveldeeper #studyabroadbecause #theprettycities #studyabroadlife #travel #summertime #summer #italy

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Mi Quito y su historia escondida en sus calles coloniales

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Hello Weekend I’m totally here for you 🌻

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Musée du Louvre - Paris, França - Fevereiro de 2013

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