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Giveaway🚨🚨🚨 ⠀ @asfootballcenter is giving away a pair of professional @adidas football boots. ⠀ How to enter (all 4 conditions should be fulfilled): ⠀ 1) Follow @asfootballcenter ⠀ 2) Guess the correct score of coming @premierleague match Chelsea vs Liverpool. ⠀ 3) Enter your shoe size in the comment section ⠀ 4) Tag your friends in the comments. Each friend is a new entry. ⠀ DEADLINE is Sunday 22.09.2019, 11:00pm (HK time). Good luck!😉 #giveaway #trainwithaproplayasapro #changingyourgame

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In last 2 years we’ve met a lot of young players who’re absolutely indifferent during the trainings and matches. They don’t care if they win or lose, justifying it with: “Participation is way more important than winning”, “Winning is not everything” etc.... When we ask where did they learn this, they usually say: “My Mom/Dad/Teacher/Football Coach taught me this”... ⠀ Congratulations, you just got your first lessons of “how to become a loser”. First, when you’re young, they tell you that it doesn’t matter if you win or lose, and 10 years later the same people will tell you that you have problems with the self confidence. If everyone wouldn’t care if he wins or loses - there wouldn’t be any of the greatest champions as @gianluigibuffon , @cristiano , @leomessi , @zidane and others. Desire of winning is their driving force. ⠀ In @asfootballcenter we teach our players to win. To win, being better than others. To win, becoming better than you were yesterday. In our opinion this is the only way to improve and to achieve something big in football, in sports, in life. Targeting to the highest goals, even if you have to start from the lower position:⠀ Become the first squad player in your team ➡️ Become the best player in your team ➡️ Become the best player in the league ➡️ Become the National Team Player ➡️ Become the best player in your country ➡️ and so on, right up to the biggest achievements, which you only can dream about. Remember - everything is possible, and everything depends on you, your desire and your work. #trainwithaproplayasapro #changingyourgame

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“A&S Player Performance Test” by @asfootballcenter U15 Team #trainwithaproplayasapro #changingyourgame

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Last Tuesday @linmarvinn won our second “A&S Player Performance Test”. Yesterday he got a prize - Black hoodie from new “A&S Kappa” Collection. Well done! #trainwithaproplayasapro #changingyourgame

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“A&S Player Performance Test”. Final Result. Top 3: 1) @linmarvinn - 2,1 (1/1/1/1/5/2/6/1/1) 2) @george.132 - 2,7 (3/2/4/2/5/1/1/4/3) 3) @liam_connolly937 - 4,1 (6/6/2/2/1/3/7/5/5) Congratulations to Marvin with a second victory in a row! He showed a great result again, winning 6 out of 9 competitions. We also would like to praise George for his good performance. He finished really close to Marvin this time. #trainwithaproplayasapro #changingyourgame

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@chengchunhinnn is a player of Hong Kong National Team 🇭🇰 and Pegasus U16. He decided to join @asfootballcenter private training sessions to prepare for the tryout at @lcfc . We wish him good luck, fighting for his chance on a top level 💪 ⠀ If you want to join the best private training in HK - contact us via our website www.asfootballcenter.com/contact #trainwithaproplayasapro #changingyourgame

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asfootballcenter. What do you know about side volley?
4 out of 4 ✅


What do you know about side volley? 4 out of 4 ✅ #trainwithaproplayasapro #changingyourgame

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Congratulations to our player @j05gram , who got a football (soccer) scholarship in Montverde Academy, Florida, USA. ⠀ In @asfootballcenter we always try to help our players not only during the trainings and matches, but outside the football pitch as well. We believe this new experience will only make him a better player. ⠀ We wish Jhonattan will have a great season, full of goals and assists! #trainwithaproplayasapro #changingyourgame

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“Train with a pro, play as a pro” - it’s not just empty words for us. Yes, we are different than everything that’s available on HK football market. We don’t have parents-volunteers as a coaches, we don’t have amateur coaches, who had never experienced what professional football is. It’s very important for us, that only professionals work with our players, as we’re firmly convinced, that people, who know football only from TV, books or YouTube - couldn’t teach young players in a proper way. ⠀ We’re glad to announce, that @jaimesmckee joined @asfootballcenter , becoming a valuable part of our coaching team. ⠀ Jaimes McKee.⠀ ⠀ ⠀- One of the best attacking players of the last decade in Hong Kong football. ⠀- 201 matches and 76 goals in Hong Kong Premier League ⠀- 53 matches and 12 goals for Hong Kong National Team ⠀- Hong Kong Cup winner ⠀- “Golden Boot” award winner ⠀ We are happy to give this opportunity to our boys to learn from such a great experts, as players improvement is our absolute priority. #trainwithaproplayasapro #changingyourgame

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We have one rule in @asfootballcenter - we only cooperate with the best. ⠀ One of the best wingers of the last decade in HK football @jaimesmckee , celebrating yet another goal for Hong Kong National Team. ⠀ Stay tuned for more details... #trainwithaproplayasapro #changingyourgame

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What do you know about side volley? 3 out of 3 ✅ #trainwithaproplayasapro #changingyourgame

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Congratulations to our men @marlon_dumke and @oscarjgreen ! They were both selected as the only two goalkeepers for HKFC U15 First Team for 2019 - 2020 season. Well done, boys! This is what we work for - to be the best in Hong Kong👊 ⠀ We wish you both a good season, and can’t wait to see your competition for number 1 position. It has to be fascinating😉 ⠀ If you want to join the best goalkeeper program in Hong Kong - contact us via our website www.asfootballcenter.com/contact #trainwithaproplayasapro #changingyourgame

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We really feel sorry for @leomessi as recently we’ve heard a lot of: “@cristiano works hard, and Messi is just a pure talent”. It should be very disappointing for Leo, to listen this nonsense. ⠀ Let’s clarify it, guys - if Messi wouldn’t work that hard, like he worked for last 20 years, he would never achieve even 10% of what he’d already achieved. The converse statement, is just a great excuse for those who are too lazy to follow their own dreams. ⠀ Of course Lionel Messi has some great predispositions, but without hard everyday work - it’s impossible to become one of the best players in a football history, holding this cosmic level throughout last 15 years. So just wake up, and start to build your own history!👊 If you want to work hard and pro - join @asfootballcenter and we will change your mindset. Contact us via our website www.asfootballcenter.com/contact #trainwithaproplayasapro #changingyourgame

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Fruitful private session with @kaitlynnchung_ where we were focused on a proper first touch. If you want to join the best football program in Hong Kong - contact us via our website www.asfootballcenter.com/contact #trainwithaproplayasapro #changingyourgame

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@kaitlynnchung_ came to HK just for few weeks for her summer holidays. And she decided to join @asfootballcenter Private Training sessions to improve her skills. Definitely she made a right choice. #trainwithaproplayasapro #changingyourgame

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