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🔸DON’T BE AVERAGE🔸 Troughout history, people with new ideas have consistently been criticized, disparaged, or worse. Manage your emotional response to critics and forge ahead despite encountering obstacles. Learn to face criticism and follow your path with joy. The last thing you want is to be average. - Dave Asprey

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Missing this perfect paradise 🌴☀️

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What a view. Future house? C’mon! Let’s go!

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🔸BYE GILI T🔸 After 7 days on Gili T we are ready for some Bali adventure. We arrived in Seminyak late this afternoon so we just walked around, nothing more. We can’t wait to explore this corner of Bali!! 🌴🌺 Have you been to Seminyak? What’s your favorite thing to do here?

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Back home after a lonnng trip, feeling worn out and stressed🥱 . . . . . #napa #bistrojeanty #napavalley #calilove #travelandchill #californiaroadtrip #roadtrippin #calivibes #frenchbistro

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It's a good day to be alive and free!! #HappySaturday

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🔸LET US INTRODUCE OURSELVES🔸 My name is Sophie! I am a cat lover 🐱, I am vegan but i will always make an exception for poutine (people from Quebec know 😉), i am afraid of the ocean 🌊 and i grew up in a small town called Victoriaville in Quebec, Cananda 🇨🇦. And i am Robert! I love nature🌲and camping ⛺️ , i am recently new vegitarian 🥗and love it, i am afraid of spiders🕷 and i grew up in the South Bay of Northern California, USA🇺🇸.

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🔸GO OUT AND WATCH THE SUNSET🔸 When was the last time you went out to just watch the sunset? Back home we didn’t make time for this kind of activity due to work or other obligations. But now that we have nothing but time we watch the sunset everyday and we want to continue this when we will be back home.🌅 🇫🇷 C’est quand la dernière fois que tu es sortie juste pour aller voir le couché de soleil? Chez nous, on prenait pas le temps de faire ça. Le travail, les obligations faisaient en sorte que ça passait dans l’beurre. Mais maintenant qu’on a rien d’autre que du temps on regarde le couché de soleil chaque jour et on s’est promis de faire de même quand on va revenir de voyage. 🌅

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Todos piensan en cambiar el mundo, pero nadie piensa en cambiarse a sí mismo...

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alwayschasingkate. A lot of my travels focus on reflection. Due to the nature of my degre

A lot of my travels focus on reflection. Due to the nature of my degrees (I am a PhD candidate in a humanitarian field) I like to share and take a moment to reflect on how history has not only shaped our world we now travel in, but it’s effect on our ever evolving future. •• On the night of the 20th of April 1945, a quiet street in Hamburg changed forever as Bullenhouser Damm, originally a school turned into a Nazi experimental facility known as a sub camp to Neuengamme,brutally murdered 20 Jewish Children by hanging. •• Now turned into a museum, the school’s dark past echos as you walk it’s memorial garden filled with plaques detailing the lives of those lost children. If you are able to stomach it, you can view the basement where these children were killed. •• The reflection which took place at this school was one of the experiences which allowed for my focus in life to be human rights and humanitarian causes. Pictured here is my Danish professor reflecting among the vast memorials. #thebestdestinations #europe_gallery #speechlessplaces #adventureanywhere #travelandchill #livewelltravelled #traveandexplore #thedailyadventurer #suitcasetravels #postcardplaces #mytravelstory #prettylittleplaces #adventure_culture #atlaswonders #atlas #exploretheworld #girlswhotravel #glt #girlslovetravel #gltlove #peopleandplaces #travel #travelblogger #travelphotography #travelblog #letsexplore #wanderlust #exploremore #travelmore #expatlife

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