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To be loved by a person whom you love the most is one of the greatest blessings. ✨😇 And just like that another year gone and forever to come, but when you’re in love everyday feels like first 👫🌷 Happy 4th anniversary to us! 🌟🥂 #anniversary #blessings #travelblogger #travelcouples #happytogether

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maxymckee. 🍬


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eleazareugene. • Rubble Dose •

• Rubble Dose •

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- 2018 Russia, Siberia Irkutsk - 40 -

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Today was pretty great! @madstherads had @voodoodoughnut for the first time ever, we explored all the books at the @ransomcenter, played putt putt at a course built in 1946, and now we’re at @craftprideaustin inhaling @via313 🥰😍 (Oh, and duh we went to @google Austin)

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Lake Geneva morning light. #geneva #switzerland

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Beautiful HK - you’ll never be replaced in my ❤️

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Still can’t believe I don’t have an exam or assignment due, but I am enjoying it 😁

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wildhornoutfitters. At what age did you begin skiing/snowboarding? 
Interested to hear eve

At what age did you begin skiing/snowboarding? Interested to hear everyones thoughts! 😊

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Lantern festival

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Since then, at an uncertain hour, That agony returns: And till my ghastly tale is told, This heart within me burns. Samuel Taylor Coleridge, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

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It’s gonna be OK🍃 . A career change at 40 is definitely one of the most challenging adventures I’ve ever been on. But get this....I have complete peace like I’ve never known, when I sit with my decision to chase this goal. . May 2020, I’ll be a 3rd generation nurse. One more semester to go. Roughly 6 months until I can be open to opportunities near and far. . Thankful.

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Good morning from Bali!

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_doonbug_. ✨

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