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babymoominn. Protest works 😊💪 Hong Kong human rights & democracy act passed aroun

Protest works 😊💪 Hong Kong human rights & democracy act passed around Thanksgiving

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kintothewild. I’ve been going through old photos, and have realized just how many I’

I’ve been going through old photos, and have realized just how many I’ve taken that have been overlooked. 🙈 I remember this day - it was freezing! I think roughly 8-10*F, but the pups were in absolute heaven. We hiked maybe 4 miles in the frigid temps, and the silence of the forest was so very welcome. No one else was on the trails but us. 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 . The start of this winter season was earlier than we’re used to, so it threw me for a loop when it happened. 🙃 I forgot just how much I used to appreciate the cold weather. And with Ever absolutely hating the cold this year it’s made things super difficult to find that appreciation again. 😞 I haven’t gotten out much during the day in about a month now, but with finally discovering she loves to mush & sled, I’ve got some plans in place to make short hikes fun! 🙊 And to see just how happy the pups were to be pulling again just brought so much happiness to me, and kind of rekindled that flame. . I’m excited to see how the rest of the season pans out, and just how I’ll manage to get through. Seasonal Affective Disorder on top of Major Depressive Disorder, plus a kid who currently hates the cold isn’t a great combo. 🤣 But I truly do have a positive outlook heading into it! 🙌🏻 . If you struggle in the colder months what kind of things do you do to get yourself through the winter season?

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There’s snow on the ground here in Eastern Washington and I sure am missing summer, especially picking berries in the Selkirks. . . . #inlandnorthwest #hike #hiking #nature #OptOutside #OurPNW #hikingadventures #outdoors #wildernessculture #backpacking #hiking #BPMag #TakeMeBackpacking #TrailChat #livebravely #optoutside #exploreidaho #berries #huckleberry #selkirkmountains #selkirks

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Another one from day 2 on our #laugavegur trek!

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First time hiking this side of town! @cherie_faulkner and I were admiring the beauty #peoria has to offer! “Next time we are out here, we need to hike”! . . So we did! It’s was beautiful, we made a slight wrong turn and ended up about a half mile off course but @alltrails got us back on track! And we made it to our inspection review with a few minutes to spare! #azhiking #arizonahike #hikersofinstagram #arizonahighways #arizona🌵 #mountainview #mountaintops #girlfriends #idhikethat #hikerbabes #phoenix #wildernessculture #hikeculture #nature #goexolore #getoutside #goodtimesoutside #keepitwild #livefreebewild #livelifeoutside #chasingsunrises #phoenixrealtor #exploreaz #phoenix #inspectionday #orb #nestdealer #liveinspired #instagood

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Nightlight in Jasper 🌝⭐️ A journey to the Rockies. After a few days of stormy weather the clouds finally cleared. The fresh snow, the bright moon, the cold temperatures and the beautiful scenery came together to create an amazing night. Capturing nights in the mountains doesn’t work out for me to often between the weather & fact that they are a full days drive away from home, so I really cherish moments like this that make me say “how is this even real” after each shot .. 💙 Someday I will be back to hopefully catch the Northern Lights! It was so great to get away for a few days to focus on photography and have fun exploring Jasper with @thewanderlustbrunette 😊 Already can’t wait for the next adventure ✌🏼 #jaspernationalpark #nightscape #nightphotography #jasper

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vibrationquotes. #fridaythe13th #friday

#fridaythe13th #friday

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What’s better than waterfalls mixed with morning light? 🚁💥@flyingfishmedia |•|•|•|•|•| Selected by: @wanderinginsearchof . . . . . Support the tagged artist—visit, like & follow their page. This is an appreciation page. . Shoot us a DM, if you don’t want to be featured. We’ll remove upon request. All rights to original artist.

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sherinehow. \"Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.\" -

"Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist." - Pablo Picasso

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“The soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts” -Marcus Aurelius

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Numbers don’t do justice always. Here is a photo of 7cm new snow day at @revelstoke . ー リフト乗り場に掲載された今日の降雪量、7cm。数字ばかりを信じてはいけないのが雪山です。 #revelstoked #revelstoke - Rider: @takaharunakai

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Ridgeline exploring from Sub Peak on Revelstoke #revelstoked

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The thing that makes humans far superior to any other creature on the planet is our ingenious minds, understanding of things, and our creativity. There are very few animals who have ever been witnessed using tools to aid in their survival in the wild. Humans however, have completely bent everything we have discovered to working for us. However, I truly believe that our ingenious minds and inventions will be the very thing that ends our race one day. I'm not sure if that will be from developing weapons for war that will wipe out our planet or if it will be our overwhelming dependencey on these very machines and their failure to operate one day. What happens to us when the lights go out, the factories stop producing, and food and water no longer being consumable or obtainable? We rely too heavily on technology and one day, that may just be our demise. Our return to a more natural world in which very few can still survive. Do you think this will happen one day? Or are there enough smart engineers, scientists, and the like existing in our world that we will be able to rebuild? To adapt and to overcome, as any creature worth populating the planet always does?

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aquaquestwaterproof. We're celebrating 25 years of waterproof gear with a NEW website and a

We're celebrating 25 years of waterproof gear with a NEW website and a NEW logo! Join the celebration with 25% off all new logo products with promo code AQ25YEARS.* Link to new website in bio. ⠀ ⠀ *Offer valid until Sunday, December 15 at 11:59 pm PST. . . . . #waterproven #aquaquest #waterproofgear #waterproof #camping #bushcraft #mountainbiking #mountainlife #outdoors #hiking #hikingadventures #wildernessculture #adventuregear #outdoorgear #backpacking #camp #backpack #ourcamplife #waterproofbag #biking

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