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It’s Sweaty Saturday!🔥⁣ ⁣ Are you Losing your motivation at the moment due to the festive period? Feeling lazy or unsure of what to do?⁣ ⁣ Well... why don’t you try this workout?⁣ 5 Exercises, repeat 5 rounds with a rest time of 30 seconds! ⁣ ⁣ Give it a go! ⁣ Remember to save this workout ↗️

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Schon gewusst? Stollen, Lebkuchen, Festtagsgans 🍪🍖🍷: Gemäß einer Studie der National Institutes of Health in den USA nimmt der Durchschnittsbürger an den Feiertagen 370 Gramm zu. 😲😲😲 Verratet uns in den Kommentaren, was bei euch über die Feiertage auf den Tisch kommt! Did you know? Stollen, gingerbread, Christmas goose 🍪🍖🍷: According to a study by the National Institute of Health in the USA, the average person gains 370 grams in the holidays. 😲😲😲 Tell us what will be on your table during the holidays in the comments section below!

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Here's to being one of a kind YOU! - don't let the competition get you down! You are pretty darn amazing!!!! - xx • • Respectable yourself that Only YOU can decide the direction where you wanna go....go only towards your dreams...settle for nothing less! • • #working #business #workoutmotivation #workout #workshop #workspace #workhard #workoutoftheday #workouts #workinprogress #workoutroutine #workouttime #workingout #work #workingdog #workoutvideo #workingmom #workworkworkworkwork #throwbackshot #workinggirl

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We ain’t playing no games - Bout to make my weaknesses my strengths. Lessgo!!! @ifbbproleagueoz #physique #comingsoon #2021

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Decided to change up the way I do regular workouts by getting on my knees. Kinda made the movements a bit harder because you can’t leverage momentum as when you’re standing. - - Incline dumbbells went from 80LBS/36.5KG to 65LBS/30KG because of going for a slightly higher + Slower Reps. - - Current weight is 177lbs/80.5KG after i have started cutting. 3 months ago I was DIRTY bulking on 4500 Calories and now it’s at 2200-2400 calories. My goal weight is 185-190LBS but once im done leaning out i’ll focus on CLEAN BULKING.

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matthewgriffiths_eis. Having adequate amount of  internal rotation (IR) is very important fo

Having adequate amount of internal rotation (IR) is very important for optimal movement quality and to help mitigate injuries for all! _ IR is often over looked and when not detected poor IR can contribute to lower back pain, knee pain, making it difficult to get into positions in training / rehearsals and dramatically reduce performance. _ A normative range is considered to be around 30-40 degrees, swipe to the 4th imagine, give you perspective. _ From a coaching perspective I’m more interested in the following: In side to side asymmetries? Does IR have sufficient range? The ease of the motion (is it smooth, does it have a hard end feel, extremely limited)? Does IR illicit any type of pain or pinching? _ Here are a few points why IR is important: 1.During a change of direction, IR helps decelerate the body while also loading the hip allowing for a powerful reacceleration. _ 2.When running to sprinting, IR allows the individual to maximally extend their hip and get over the stance leg at terminal stance/toe off, thus improving stride length _ 3.For rotational athletes or anybody that has to make big turns in the practice, IR is crucial for optimizing force transfer from the lower extremity to the upper extremity. _ 4.When squatting adequate IR allows the femoral hide to remain centrated within the acetabulum allowing for a “cleaner” pattern free of compensation at the lumbar spine/knees/ankles. _ Here are a few examples how to improve your IR: Band IR Stretch, 10 reps with a 1-5 pause in end range _ Supine IR mobility, 10 reps with a 3-5 sec isometric hold in the end range _ Lying IR 90/90 mobility, 10 reps with a 3-5 sec isometric hold in the end range Complete 1-2sets, depending on the needs. Suggest to perform in the warm up after the soft tissue work. _ Disclaimer, as always if your unsure if the exercise is suitable for your practice ask your coach or a professional. #casall #casallpro #core #stability #hip #internalrotation #prehab

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