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Ice textures and water dogs ❄️ . . #iceland #seals

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Want to learn how to shoot and edit photos like these? Check out our online lessons - link in bio currently 50% off for the next few days! $65 well spent leaning everything you need to know about shooting cars this will improve your photography more than any equipment 🤙🏼 . . #iceland #defender #moon

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tomkahler. #Ad I'm most happy with exploring news locations but there's a lot of

#Ad I'm most happy with exploring news locations but there's a lot of work behind the scenes to make that possible. @avast eliminates one job for me and puts my mind at ease by taking care of all my online security and privacy across all my devices, both my desktop and mobile, I have the premium version but even with the free version, you will get the antivirus. It's really important to keep yourself safe in the digital world we live in! Check out my story for more details and get your free antivirus today #FreeToExplore #avast

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Currently in the Lake District hoping for conditions like this tomorrow . . #scotland #snow

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@sense.films and I spent our last evening in Portugal exploring the first part of the EN2 in this awesome land cruiser kindly lent to us by @siestacampers, good times exploring some off roads tracks in the mountains . . #toyota #landcruiser #portugal #en2

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Endless views whilst cruising though Scotland

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Last week I was fortunate to explore some of the best roads Scotland had to offer with a good friend @geemilner in a @astonmartinlagonda DB11 AMR it’s far to say it’s a trip I won’t forget any time soon and some of the best roads I’ve ever driven in a very impressive car. Here’s just a few of my favourite photos but many more to come, please visit my website to see full set of images . . #astonmartin #db11amr #db11 #nc500 #scotland

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Mysterious walks with my favourite . . #fog #sheffield #peakdistrict

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In a few weeks our Automtove workshop will be launching, 3 hours and 8 lessons everything you need to know about shooting and editing car photos with @elliotjsimpson and I sign up to the mailing list in my bio or @momenttravel to ensure you don’t miss out on the best price with a launch sale! Can’t wait to share this with you guys! . . #workshop #automotive #car #defender #iceland

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Very wet days exploring the Irish coast wearing the most ideal Goretex shoe! @adidasterrex . . #ireland #createdwithadidas #freehikergtx

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No snow on this Scotland trip but here’s one from January 2019 . . Edited with KAHLER Presets ( Link in bio to website) . . #scotland #glencoe

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Silky sky’s and waxing crescent 🌙 . . #moon #waxingcrescent

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Stoked to be on the way to Scotland for a short roadtrip with @geemilner in the @astonmartinlagonda DB11 . . #astonmartin #db11 #roadtrip #peakdistrict

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Exploring on this glacier left me obsessed with the textures, here’s a drone shot form further up the glacier where the ice becomes really sharp

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My first time in the Icelandic Highlands... blown away by this unfamiliar landscape it felt like driving on another planet . . #iceland #highlands #explore #wild #mood

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Moody paddles in the Lake District with @adidasterrex . . 📸 @elliotjsimpson / directed and edited by me . . #derwentwater #keswick #freehikergtx #freehiker #lakedistrict

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I am so happy to partner with a brand like @avast, It means a lot to me to know they have my back. @Avast take care of all my online privacy and security whilst I'm busy exploring. I feel the most secure when I’m exploring in the outdoors with friends. But now I want to hear from you, what does privacy and security mean to you? Tell me in the a comment and watch my story to find out more! #avast #freetoexplore

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I've always had a vision of living life on my own terms and this is probably my biggest accomplishment so far being in control of my day to day and month to month schedule. traveling the world to shoot content for myself or brands is a dream come true. what is your vision for the future? @chopard #ManWithaVision #chopardalpineeagle

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I’ve developed a small obsession with the moon over the last year! It’s probably one of the hardest things to plan and shoot . . #moon #earth #telephoto

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Automotive workshop coming soon! Exciting news! @elliotjsimpson and I are launching our 3 hour 8 lesson automotive workshop with @momenttravel on December the 10th there’s going to be a launch offer price so sign up to the mailing list so you don’t miss out! Can’t wait to share it with you guys see story for details 😁 . . #iceland #defender #automotive #workshop

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Tuesday @jbhague and I spent 4 hours stalking these wild red deer at big moor in the Peak District, though swaps and rivers but eventually we managed to get a very cropped photo at 400mm all good fun and amazing watching how these animals graze the land. Can’t wait until next time maybe a hide and a longer lens! . . #peakdistrict #peakdistrictnationalpark #bigmoor #reddeer #deer #sheffield #england

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How to make the most of a trip to another country. 1)Make friends with some awesome people. 2)Find yourself a photogenic vehicle 3)Drive it to some epic locations 4)The easy part.... shoot some photos 5) Epic memories captured and stored, then share to social . . #portugal #vw #vwt3 #westfalia #vanlife #roadtrip

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Evenings in Portugal well spent camping under the stars listening to talented friend play guitar.... take me back, this is the life 🌌 . . #portugal #milkyway #campfire #beach #camping

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Some of my favourite shots form a recent commercial shoot in Portugal with @siestacampers such a lovely family run business! Made some friends And some good memories on this shoot . . #notanad #portugal #siestacampers #vanlife #vw #vwt6 #skate #roadtrip

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