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‘tis the season🎄

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a beautiful day in the neighborhood 🌅

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⛸✨❄️ pulling out all the tricks w/ @asenseofhuber in a winter wonderland under @discoverla sunshine. featuring olympians @alexshibutani & @maiashibutani at the @westfieldtopanga @lakings holiday ice rink.

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biggie smalls🏝

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It’s always a good time to @visitzurich 🍃🕰🔄🍂 throwback to my trip to Zürich w/ @asenseofhuber & @waterproject earlier this fall. It’s a city full of smart design, delicious food and rich culture. I feel like we just scratched the surface here. Can’t wait to plan another trip in the near future! #tbt

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WOW. All Capitols is the only way to describe tonight’s sunset 💥💿💯

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winter is coming ❄️👀

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It’s poppin’ off in Lone Pine 🍂✨ (ft. @asenseofhuber)

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Alpsolutely gorgeous🏔🚣‍♀️❄️ A highlight of my time with @visitzurich was our day trip to Mount Titlis. One of my favorite stops was this perfect little lake nestled in the Swiss Alps. Tag someone you’d love to row with!

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gotta love those fall colors in LA🌴

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let’s rock n’ roll🤘🏻(ft. @ndreasusanbush) @hrhloscabos invited me and @waterproject to come to their grand opening for of last weekend. We got plenty of sun and time by the pool and because it’s all-inclusive we could leave all our worries at home and enjoy as many margs as our hearts #hrhloscabos

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Swiss bliss 🍂 Autumn’s definitely my favorite season and living in Southern California makes me always feel like I’m missing out. That’s why I was so glad we linked up with @visitzurich earlier this month. I live for mornings like this. #visitzurich🇨🇭

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futurama 🛸

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sea, señorita 🌊🇲🇽✨ I’ve always wanted to see this view for myself. Finally got to do that today with @ndreasusanbush. I’m back in LA and excited for the cooler weather here. Feeling very blessed. 🙏🏻

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the rise & fall 🙌🏻💦🙌🏻 w/ @moderntarzan & @acrosprout

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Zürich in arts & culture 🖼🎨⚽️ w/ @visitzurich I was so impressed with Zürich’s emphasis on great design. There are so many interesting spaces in the city ranging from classic to modern and contemporary. A highlight for me was seeing the World Cup trophies at the @fifamuseum 🙌🏻🏆 #VisitZurich 🎥 collab w/ @asenseofhuber

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Half dome. Full send.🏃🏾‍♂️w/ @karl_shakur

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Skyline divine✨ w/ @feralcreature It’s been a wild couple of weeks for me. Flying, shooting, editing and running around nonstop with friends. I have a lot of cool things to share and I don’t know where to begin so for now I’ll start here with this gem of a spot in Dubai!

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Never could figure out how to pronounce this location but that’s okay cuz it left me speechless 😮

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I was on the fence with this post 🔗🌆

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unBALIvable 🌴 of all the places I’ve had the good fortune of visiting I think Bali has some of the most mind bending locations. I hope I can visit again some day real soon. For now I’ll just keep looking through my memory cards reminiscing lol.

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just tryna fit in 🗿 #tbt

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glow with the flow ✨💦 w/ @acrosprout

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in rainbows 🌈 w/ @ndreasusanbush here’s something familiar but different. i’m excited to keep trying new things and create posts with better stories. hope you like it!✌🏻

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