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CRAZY rope swing into Yosemite Valley. Such a fun day highlining and so awesome to see @kweaver_ jump at sunset! Would you do it?!? 😅

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Fall is currently in full effect here in Yosemite. It’s been a blast skating through the valley and exploring new places with @gypsealaysea. Check out the last photo of climbers camped out on El Capitan thousands of feet above the valley floor. When you look up in the evening the climbers look like twinkling stars in the sky until your eyes adjust and you see the massive granite walls they are dangling from. Yosemite National Park continues to be one of my favorite places on earth! @sector9 #yosemite #elcapitan

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Valley views from last night with El Capitan glowing in the evening light. Yosemite National Park, California with @gypsealaysea. #yosemite #elcapitan #taftpoint #yosemitenationalpark

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From ancient trees, to rugged coastlines and these unique natural pillars, California has so much diversity. Now @gypsealaysea and I are off to Yosemite National Park 🏞

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This tree has been here since before the Egyptian Pyramids. @gypsealaysea pondering what it’s seen and been through over the last 5,000 years! A great start to our California road trip even though it ended up getting down to 3° F (-16° C) last night. 🥶🙌🏼

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Super fun trip down to Baja a few weeks ago with @dometic and an awesome group of adventurous people. It was great to test my truck in a bunch of different environments and stay off the grid pretty much the entire time. Photos by @kat_reynolds and myself. I just set off on another road trip around my favorite state—California. It’s starting to get super cold here but I’m excited to share what I’ve been up to so far!! #baja #camping #4x4 #dometic #homeiswhereyouparkit

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Testing out the new @gopro cameras and having a blast with the @sector9 crew today. Check out the last video to see me fall and almost get ran over haha. Thanks to my friends for hanging out and pumping till our legs stopped working 🙌🏼👊🏼@louispilloni @gypsealaysea @bigsmoothie101 @ayyy_cole. #gopromax #hero8 #sector9

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Out here exploring the Hawaiian Islands and even finding a few hints of fall color in the rainforest 🍂😜. I’ve always been drawn to trees and this banyan tree was exceptionally beautiful!

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So proud to announce that my new rig will be carbon neutral for all of 2020 thanks to my good friends at @forsakeco. What’s even better is they are doing a GIVEAWAY where you could win some free shoes and also have YOUR carbon emissions offset from all of last year! Head to @forsakeco and check out their last post to enter. I love supporting brands that have a mission to help our planet and also encourage and inspire others to do the same! #climateweek #sustainability #giveaway #getoutthere

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We stuck around to watch the colors in the sky change knowing we would have to hike a few hours in the dark through active grizzly bear country. I’m glad we didn’t see any bears and with the extra time at the lake, I stumbled across these beautiful, twisted, exposed tree roots. @lexielimitless absorbing the rugged Montana views. Funny side story- I was so on edge about bears while hiking through the dense forest at night that a frog hopped in front of me and completely startled me and I jumped backward. Lexie was quite amused 😂🐸

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I fell in love with photography because it makes me stop a little longer when I see something interesting or beautiful. I try and figure out the best composition, exposure, or angles to capture what I see. Whether it’s ants walking on a log (funny story), or the entire universe, my camera continues to make me pause, absorb, and appreciate things in a whole new way. I’m super excited to also have a new truck that’s allowing me to get out there even farther and continue doing what I love! Photo from my maiden voyage over the weekend. Without my passion for photography, I might have just been sitting at home on my couch, haha. Find what you love and get out there!

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Here she is! I’m so excited to finally have a new rig and something that is extremely capable, reliable, compact, and still has way more features than my grandma’s 20-year-old camper van that I traveled in full time for 4 years. I’m setting off on a short maiden voyage tomorrow and can’t wait to test her out and start making my own modifications to the interior and exterior as I get things dialed. Huge thanks to @mainlineoverland for the incredible build (it was their baby and I’m actually buying it used), and to @fourwheelcampers for making such an awesome camper setup in general! If you’re interested in a few vehicle specs- 2016 Toyota Tacoma with Manual transmission, 4x4, winch, maxtrax, air compressor, snorkel, LED lights, upgraded suspension, larger tires & wheels, extra gas cans, solar panels, etc. Camper- Fleet Flatbed from Four Wheel Camper •Interior head room (popped up) 6’4” •Queen size bed •Indoor and outdoor shower setup •Sink, two burner stove, fridge •20 gallons fresh water + 6 gal water heater •Cassette toilet (keep it or take it out?) •Furnace •Two roof vent fans •Tons of storage And so much more. Thanks for following my journey, let me know if you have any questions below and I’ll see you on the road 🙏🏼🙌🏼

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Crazy that this was my home for over 4 years! From ever-changing landscapes, new friends, cultures, and experiences, #vanlife gave me some of the highest moments of my life—and some of the lowest. But I wouldn’t have changed it for anything. It’s been a year and a half since I was in my van and I’m excited to share that I just bought a new vehicle to hit the road again! Any guesses on what it is? Stay tuned to find out 😋

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One time I got my camera sensor cleaned at a camera store and when I came back to pick it up, the guy said, “I’ve worked here for 10+ years and that was the dirtiest camera I have ever seen!” I wasn’t sure if I should have taken that as a compliment or been embarrassed? The truth is, I’ve always used my camera as a tool to capture experiences, and similar to my actual body, if I don’t come back with a couple of scratches, needing to “recharge my batteries,” or covered in dirt, I probably didn’t have all that much fun 😊. Head over to @goalzero to see a video from our epic adventures in Moab, Utah with @ridecake ⚡️

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I just made the looong 23-hour drive back to San Diego but I can’t get over how magical this place was! Here is @lexielimitless taking an evening dip in a glacier-fed lake deep within the mountains of Montana. 🌄

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These mountains formed over hundreds of millions of years as two tectonic plates collided and pushed the earth upward. Glaciers then continued to shape the rugged peaks and deep valleys. This process has created some of the most iconic landscapes in North America, like Jasper National Park, pictured here. I also recently learned that Northern Canada is one of the few places on earth where something else extremely rare has formed. In the earth's mantle, deep beneath the surface, over billions of years and under an immense amount of pressure, the hardest natural material known to man is created—diamonds! Over time, these precious gems have been brought to the surface in magma from volcanic eruptions, forming Kimberlite pipes where diamonds are found. Today, these diamonds are mined in sustainable ways that you might not expect: mining companies use efficient methods that recycle water, protect 3x the land used for mining, and pay workers on average 5x the living wage in their countries. Now more than ever it’s important to understand where our resources come from and how we can help protect these places for future generations to come. @realisadiamond #RealisRare #Sponsored #TotalClarity #Canada

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Expectations vs Reality. With countless waterfalls, peaks, animals, wildflowers, vistas, etc this place can feel like a dream! But it can also feel like Disneyland with most parking lots filling up by 9 am, traffic on the roads and trails, long lines for the bathroom, extremely hard to get campsites and backcountry permits, etc. This is the reality of a lot of National Parks and beautiful places around the world these days, just plan ahead and have realistic expectations! Finding solitude under the stars with @lexielimitless during her first evening in the park. #glaciernationalpark #expectationsvsreality #instagramvsreality #milkyway #nightphotography

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Considered The Crown Jewel of the Continent— Glacier National Park, Montana.

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I spent the last few days in Glacier National Park with @lexielimitless. Being with someone who has literally traveled to every country in the world, it was cool to show her some places she hadn’t seen right here in the USA. Lots of inspiring conversations, some good laughs and plenty more adventures to come! #glaciernationalpark #hiking #montana #dodgingthecrowds #thefartheryouhikethelesspeopleyousee #getoutthere

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The sketchy 2,000 ft (600m) drop on both sides was a little more intimidating knowing I would have to navigate it back in the dark. After scrambling down these cliffs I would still have a few hours of hiking through grizzly bear territory on a small mountaineering trail that was hard to follow even during the day. I’m not sure which part scared me more haha. What would scare you more? Solo adventures in Glacier National Park.

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$500 GIVEAWAY! {Closed} Congrats to @chelsea.mackenzie1 and @nickczibere! I’m super stoked to be able to host another giveaway with my friends at @backcountry. Just like last time, instead of using the gear for myself I wanted to give it to YOU. I’ve broken it up into two $250 gift cards so you and a friend can both get some gear that will help you achieve your outdoor goals this summer. HOW TO WIN: Just tag a friend in the comments and if you want, list a place you’re excited to go or some gear you might need. I’ll randomly select the 2 winners (1 comment) by August 4th. Remember, you can use the discount code TRAVIS15 for 15% off of your first purchase on Backcountry’s website! (Some exclusions apply for discounts and shipping for the giveaway.) I’m super excited to be spending the next week exploring Glacier National Park. Here’s a throwback to one of my favorite afternoons spent there! @chelseakauai is floating on her Nemo Tensor—equal parts sleeping pad and flotation device. 🤓 #FindYourBackcountry #sponsored #giveaway #backcountry

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An image from Moab, Utah with @ridecake and @goalzero. To celebrated their 10 year anniversary, Goal Zero decided to do a road trip through the Western US connecting with all kinds of awesome people and doing some pretty incredible things. As an ambassador and advocate for over 6 years I was super excited to meet up with the crew in one of my favorite places and ride these electric dirt bikes through the desert. Head over to @goalzero to see the “Ode To The Road” video series from their trip. More content from this adventure coming soon! Image details- Camera- @nikonusa Z7 14mm 25 second exposure f/2.8 ISO 6400

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The landscape in Northern Alberta, Canada is one of the most beautiful I’ve seen. From my first time seeing the northern lights and attending the annual Dark Sky Festival to this incredible canoe trip, I always leave with a new sense of wonder and appreciation for this magical place. As it turns out, Canada is one of the countries in which the diamond mining industry has had a positive impact on land and water conservation. Leading diamond producers protect 3x more land than they use for mining, and recycle 83% of the water used during the process. That means landscapes similar to the one above will be around and untouched for generations to come. Huge thanks to @realisadiamond for reaching out and inspiring me to become a little more educated on such a large and important topic. #RealisRare #Sponsored #TotalClarity

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Right after backpacking in Yosemite, I had the chance to visit the world-renowned Kelly Slater Surf Ranch and luckily my friends at @hippytree came out to document my day. This wave is actually quite challenging to surf and there is an immense amount of pressure when it’s your turn and all eyes are on you anxiously waiting for the next wave. But what a dream come true to surf perfect waves all day and to be part of something that has revolutionized the sport of surfing forever. 🙌🏼🙏🏼 @hippytree #surfandstone

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