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A 2 hour drive outside Boise, Idaho is a super relaxing oasis of natural hot springs. Gold Fork Hot Springs are the perfect spot to relax after a day adventuring in the mountains! What’s your favorite winter activity? 📸: @kenzierae9 #VisitTheUSA

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Views that you can only get in New Hampshire! 🌌 @jproberts created this amazing video by combining a photo of a person hiking Mt. Monroe, a 5,372-foot-high mountain peak, and a video of the stars from the Artist's Bluff Trail. 💫 Can you spot the shooting star in the video? 📸: @jproberts #VisitTheUSA

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"It's something that hits us on a deeper level; it opens people up." Northern Lights photographer Frank Stelges describes the power of the aurora on visitors to Fairbanks, Alaska. Have you experienced the power of the Northern Lights? #VisitTheUSA Follow #UnitedStories as we spend the year collecting unique stories from across the country with our mobile content creation labs.

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Excited to kick off #ArtBaselMiami 🙌Art 🎨 galleries from all over the world come to Miami, Florida to showcase their best work. The streets of Miami become alive with incredible sculptures and installations! Have you seen Art Basel before? #VisitTheUSA #UnitedStories

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Florida stays sunny year round, living up to its name of the “Sunshine State” 😄! Plus who could beat the combination of sunshine and adventure at @universalorlando? Are you all about roller coasters or would you rather relax on the beach in Florida? 📸: @readysetjetset #VisitTheUSA

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visittheusa. “There are some of the most incredible sunsets and sunrises and the cr

“There are some of the most incredible sunsets and sunrises and the craziest clouds I’ve ever seen in my life out here” says Melissa DiNino, local artist and outdoor enthusiast. From hiking to fishing to horseback riding, Montana has it all! #UnitedStories

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What better way to wake up than a brisk walk in the crisp air? We wouldn’t mind a nice cup of ☕ hot coco also! Whitaker Point is one most scenic lookout points in Arkansas, which many say looks like a hawk's bill. Do you see it? Tag someone who would love this snowy hike! 📷: @tannergburge #VisitTheUSA

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How cute are these Steller sea lions? Kenai Fjords National Park has so much to offer – from a wildlife tour along the beautiful coastline to kayaking through the water. Those activities not your thing? Try camping, fishing, bicycling, hiking, cross-country skiing or the ranger programs. There really is something for everyone! 📷: @thepatchcollection #VisitTheUSA

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Sail the ocean off the coast of Nantucket, ride bicycles through Martha’s Vineyard, or fly over Cape Cod. Whichever mode of transportation you pick, adventure awaits along the coast of Massachusetts! #VisitTheUSA Follow #UnitedStories as we spend the year collecting unique stories from across the country with our mobile content creation labs.

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Wait for it…🌅 Maine’s oldest lighthouse is beautiful at all hours, but at sunset it is especially breathtaking. Have you visited Maine’s magnificent coastlines? 📷: @coltonejohnson #VisitTheUSA

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Sitting at the edge of a cliff, wind in your hair, watching the sunset 🌅 A dream or just life on Oahu, Hawaii? This island chain never ceases to amaze us! 🏝️ Have you ever visited? 📷: @mrndapnda #VisitTheUSA

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Celebrating 100 years of Zion National Park! 🙌 Zion officially became a National Park on November 19th, 1919. To celebrate the Centennial, Zion will be hosting several events including concerts, art exhibits and restoration to ensure that the park is preserved for generations to come! Have you visited #ZionNationalPark before? Tell us about your favorite memory there! #VisittheUSA #UnitedStories @zionnps 📷: @lennart

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“Multnomah Falls might just be the most popular waterfall in Oregon. Do you agree? Have you seen this waterfall before either on Instagram or in real life? It’s the tallest waterfall in Oregon (611ft tall) and only a half hour away from the city of Portland! 💚” 📷: @go4theglobe #VisitTheUSA

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That moment when your jacket matches the fall leaves perfectly 👌 New York State has more than 2,000 waterfalls that range in size from modest, delicate cascades to huge, thundering cataracts. 📷: @bertymandagie #VisitTheUSA

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A perfect visual for the changing of the seasons! 🍁 ❄️ Glacier National Park is a beautiful wilderness area in Montana's Rocky Mountains, with glacier-carved peaks and valleys ⛰️ #TravelTip take one of the trails up the mountains to get an amazing view of the very photogenic lakes in the area 🚣 📷: @rodtrvn #VisitTheUSA

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Dancing around the “Urban Light” installation at the entrance to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art ✨ #TravelTip if you check out the installation at night you'll see it all lit up! Tag a friend who would love this art installation. 📷: @whats_up_claire #VisitTheUSA

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Some of the most incredible views can be seen in Montana. Fly away in a float plane ✈️ to see even more from above! With mountains, glaciers, lakes, and prairies, "Big Sky country" is full of opportunities to explore. #VisitTheUSA Follow #UnitedStories as we spend the year collecting unique stories from across the country with our mobile content creation labs.

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Hanging out. 🤙 Less than a 2 hour drive from Denver, Rocky Mountain National Park is a great way to explore the iconic Rockies ⛰️ If you only have time to drive through the park then check out the famously scenic Trail Ridge Road, a 48-mile highway that reaches a high point of 12,183ft. 📷: @katybaldock7 #VisitTheUSA

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A visit to Washington DC is never complete without a walk around the Georgetown area! With beautiful cobblestone streets, bright buildings, and great restaurants and shops, it is a must visit. Tag a friend who would love this location! 📷: @ertucexplores #VisitTheUSA

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You can’t beat the iconic look of vintage cars and drive-in restaurants. Craving the nostalgic vibe of the classic American road trip? Minneapolis is a great place to start as it is surrounded by 22 gorgeous lakes, the Mississippi River and impressive waterfalls! Tag a friend below and start planning a trip! 📷: @steffensharikov @cdotyyy #VisitTheUSA

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🍁 🍂 Woodstock, Vermont is a charming town with covered bridges and beautiful mountain views. The perfect weekend getaway or northeastern road trip stop 🚗! 📷: @mydarlingpassport #VisitTheUSA

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The perfect place for a peaceful hike less than a 3 hour drive from downtown Seattle! 🌲 Olympic National Park is nearly a million acres of forests. The amount of trees will leave you in awe every time you look up at the treetops. 😍 📷: @tahaansari #VisitTheUSA

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visittheusa. The Luray Caverns are a national treasure hidden near Shenandoah Natio

The Luray Caverns are a national treasure hidden near Shenandoah National Park in Virginia. The beautiful stone columns and crystal-clear pools are a sight to see! 📷: @shillpii #VisitTheUsa

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If you're looking for a good adventure, Willamette National Forest in Oregon will not disappoint. Whether you choose to hike, bike, or simply relax in the woods in front of a gorgeous waterfall, this is one experience you won’t soon forget. Which activity would you do first? 📷: @jessolm #VisitTheUSA

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