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'Playing with reflections.' By @veveordie

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worldnomads. 'Being such a tiny country, as in other North African countries, Tunis

'Being such a tiny country, as in other North African countries, Tunisia is a land full of contrasts. The Mediterranean north is composed of lush green meadows, epic Roman ruins, beautiful cities with historical medinas and gorgeous beaches. The south, however, is a land of Berbers, with plenty of Ksars, camels and remote desert villages.' By @againstthecompass

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📍Shah-i-Zinda, Uzbekistan 🇺🇿 by @yamgjun Tag your images with #WorldNomads for your chance to be featured next.

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'The rainbow mountains as they call it is definitely one heck of a natural phenomenon that took over 200 million of years to happen all thanks to tectonic plate movements while combining elements like wind and water erosion along with extreme changes in desert temperatures. Each layers take thousands of years to form. Don’t expect all seven colours to be present but you won’t miss out on the red, yellow and green in impressive continuous lines one hill to the next. We waited till sundown during which mountains of terracotta hues shone bright far beyond the horizons of the Zhangye Danxia Geopark. By @aishanazar

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'Stupa’s of Borobudur. Another perspective of the biggest Buddhist temple in the world.' By @globetravelphotography

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'Did you know that villages in Inle Lake are built on water? There are floating vegetable gardens based on algae that are caught every day by boats like these?' By @yoanguerreiro

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'We have been exploring Yokohama city just south of Tokyo for the last few days, and have been having a blast. We’ve been stuffing our faces with local delicacies at Japanese restaurants, hitting up sake places and even went to a soccer match between two local teams in the national league! It’s been a lot of fun, that’s for sure. Yokohama is also home to the largest Chinatown in Japan, so if you want to get a nice colourful shot like this, all you need to do is head down there in the evening, grab a drink, set your tripod up, make your wife stand very still in the crowd and start shooting.' By @nomadasaurus

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'Ibn Tulun Mosque. Cairo’s oldest and largest mosque.' By @cesaref

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worldnomads. 'People ask me why I travel to Asia so much. Photos, food, culture, ad

'People ask me why I travel to Asia so much. Photos, food, culture, adventure, landscapes, and history. Now get out there and see for yourself.' By @ben.glassco

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worldnomads. Can you guess where this is?

Photo by @mrzdk

Can you guess where this is? Photo by @mrzdk

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5pm in Iceland by @rogerts1 Tag your images with #WorldNomads to be featured next.

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'Hoodoo heaven! Take the Queen's Garden trail and connect with the Navajo Loop trail for surreal views.' By @lucy.andthelens

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'Nouakchott, Mauritania |🇲🇷. Nouakchott is the largest city in Mauritania which is also the capital city. The city greets the Atlantic Ocean which provides a great opportunity for fishing. There are lots of colorful boats that line shore in a beautiful display.' By @travelingtheworldwithromaine

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'White Town in pondicherry is literally a pause and go back to the medivial french city. This previous French colony, although handed back to India in 1954, still retains its French fragrance in every essence.' By @dinooprajr

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'Statue of Chenrezig located in the west district of Sikkim and particularly in the place called Pelling. A beautiful place to visit with scenic view of Mount Kanchanzunga at the front.' By @bivekd95

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'I think traveling really is the best education one can have, it can open the mind to so many things. I would recommend anyone to come the Philippines a place where beauty is in its purest and the people are one of a kind.' By @jamesroper17

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'Laundry on a sunny day, nothing looks better.' By @in_search_of_umami

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'A beautiful and icy winters day in Slovenia ❄.' By @donaldhyip

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📍Kandy, Sri Lanka 🇱🇰 by @stylishbackpacker Tag your images with #WorldNomads for your chance to be featured next.

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'Tsagaan Suvarga (White Stupa) which to me are the rainbow cliffs of Mongolia. During sun light all these colors comes to life making it resemble that of a rainbow. 10 million years ago this cliff used to be under water. After the sea dried, because of the wind and other natural forces it eventually changed its form and colour. The different coloured layers indicates different time periods, if you look it from far away it looks more like an ancient ruined city.' By @travelingtheworldwithromaine

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'The temples in Cambodia are truly stunning 😍. We loved wondering around and exploring the temples, each one so beautifully designed and built. The detail is incredible!' By @wearenewlynomadic

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'Some random back streets of Mardin, Turkey.' By @elishadonkin

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